What We Wore Wednesday And A Quick Derby Post


How cute is this picture?!?!? I love my gym buddies. We all get along well and push each other to perform our best each time we work out. We all look forward to Wednesdays now when we can pose for a crazy picture like this one. Look at those ripped arms on my friends! I have been focusing on my quads and glutes a lot lately. After looking at this picture, I see I need to remember my upper body!

Last night was my weekly roller derby class with Derby Lite. I have been having issues with my laces. I keep burning through the brightly colored cute laces that the roller rink sells. The skate whisperer at my rink, Steve, gave me some waxy laces to try out last night. I have a very basic pair of Riedells. They are nothing fancy. I bought them with a gear package when I started skating with DerbyLite. I know they are not the best fit for my feet. I have a wide foot. The following is usually going through my head for the entire duration of my 2 hour class: “Crap, my feet hurt. My feet hurt. Oh! This is fun! My feet hurt.” But as soon as I started skating in those waxy laces, MY FEET HURT. I could not concentrate so I skated (more like limped) over to Steve. He gave me a new pair of laces to try that he had just gotten from Australia. Fancy! I will find out the brand (sorry, so not a gear head) for anyone that is interested. What is cool about these laces is that they have a string sewn through the middle of the lace. It is like an extra reinforcement. He said a guy on a local roller derby team uses them. He has burned through them but they have not ripped completely yet. Sweet- just what I need. My feet felt tremendously better but I had already done the damage. I was still hurting but not nearly as much as I hurt with the waxy laces. When I got home, I found red marks all over my poor feet. I know I will need to invest in a better pair of skates eventually but for now I will skate in my basic Riedells. If any of you derby girls have laces or skates that you love (especially for wide feet), let me know! Speak in plain language, please. As I mentioned, I am not a gear head yet.



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