Veggie Egg Cup Recipe

I love eggs. Love them. I eat the entire egg, too! I consider myself somewhat of an egg snob. I do not buy eggs from the grocery store. I think they are gross. I also do not like eggs from a restaurant. I have gone on a cruise the past three years and SPIT OUT the eggs I attempted to eat this past May. Why am I such an egg snob? Until very recently, my mom lived on five acres in rural Illinois and had over 100 chickens. Have you ever tasted farm fresh eggs? They are the BEST, hands down. Once you have had fresh eggs, the rest taste gross. Mom and I learned a lot through the process. A huge lesson I learned was that farm fresh eggs are WAY healthier than what you buy in the store. Think about the old saying, “you are what you eat.” The same saying rings true for animals. Do you want to eat eggs from a chicken that lives in a tiny cage its entire life? Or do you want to eat eggs from a happy chicken that gets to roam free outside all day? Our chickens were spoiled rotten! They were given warm oatmeal every morning filled with vegetables. They also got other fresh treats daily. I can guarantee factory chickens are only fed chicken feed and are never given treats. I would much rather eat eggs from what is called pasture raised chickens. Pasture raised means the chickens get to roam free outside all day. They do not live in cages (ours were contained in coops at night only for safety reasons) like factory chickens.

ImageLook at those beautiful eggs! Did you know that certain breeds of chickens lay different colored eggs? They all taste the same but I loved seeing the different colors. Since I had access to a lot of eggs, I started making all kinds of recipes. One of my absolute favorite recipes is what I called egg cups. I am sure you have seen various recipes similar to what I am about to share with you but here is my version. I usually just use whatever I have in my refrigerator. When I cook, I am more of a dump-it-in kind of girl. I will be sharing my veggie version of this recipe but I also like to make a southwestern version. For the southwestern version, I basically add some black beans and salsa to the following recipe but omit the broccoli. Oh, and don’t judge my picture taking skills. I do not have beautiful foodie pictures.

Here is what I use for my recipe:


I usually eat 3 egg cups at a time. First, get a muffin tin and spray it with your preferred choice of cooking oil. I use coconut oil. Next, you can line the tins with your favorite meat. I use turkey bacon but have tried a slice of turkey lunch meat, as well. You can also omit meat entirely. When I use the turkey bacon, I use one slice per muffin tin. I actually cut the slice of turkey bacon in half and then criss cross it at the bottom of the tin.


 Next, I add a little of each veggie- just enough to cover the bottom of the tin. Here I am using onion, red pepper and broccoli. After your first layer of veggies, crack an egg into each muffin tin and then add the rest of your veggies on top of each egg. Bake at 375 degrees for about 13-14 minutes. If you like your eggs runny, cook them for 12-13 minutes. The longer you keep them in the oven, the firmer your eggs will be once you take them out of the oven. When they are done, they look like this:


Yum! Now I am hungry for eggs! I could eat these everyday. I like the idea of sneaking vegetables into just about any recipe. Of course, this recipe tastes MUCH BETTER with farm fresh eggs! Consider buying eggs from a local farmer. Ask questions, too. Make sure the chickens are labeled pasture raised. They will give you the healthiest egg! Yes, they can be a bit more expensive. However, I much rather pay a little more for a better quality.

I realize following a recipe in a narrative form is somewhat difficult. In my future recipe posts, I will figure out how to include the nifty recipe cards other bloggers use.

Shop local!



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