Hello! I am Missy, one half of Fit Femmes. I will most likely be the sarcastic contributor to our blog. I am a firefighter’s wife and mother to two boys aged five and seven. I am a former special education teacher and now a stay at home mom. I began my fitness journey when I decided it was time to ditch the dreaded baby weight. While some may consider it vain, I wanted people to look at me and be surprised that I had two children. I figured running was the quickest way to drop the weight so I started running in my neighborhood. I also joined a local gym and that is where my horizons were broadened. I prefer the fast paced work outs so my week is filled with running, boxing, weight lifting and circuit training. The crazier the work out, the more I like it! I am also a self proclaimed roller derby wanna-be. I participate in a weekly roller derby class and LOVE the challenge. Fitness has become a part of my lifestyle. I do not consider working out a chore. In fact, I have come to thrive on my work outs! I have learned quite a bit since starting my fitness journey. I am, by no means, an expert but I hope to to share what I have learned throughout my fitness journey.

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Hi, I am Stacy, the other half of Fit Femmes. You will probably see me blog a lot about running.  I have learned to love a lot of aspects of fitness, but running is what I am most passionate about! When I am not on the roads or at the gym, I am the co-owner (along with my husband) of Superstar Karate, a local martial arts academy.

I started running in an effort to manage a lifelong struggle with weight.  It wasn’t until I began to strength train that I started to really see changes though.  While I still consider myself a “work in progress,” I have grown to appreciate the amazing things my body can now DO as opposed to solely focusing on a scale.  When I am not running I enjoy weight lifting, circuit training and bike riding.

I am amazed on a daily basis of the opportunities that have come to me as a result of running and fitness – travel, new friends (including my co-author, Missy) and several sponsorship opportunities! One of my favorite things along the way have been the people who have come back to me and mentioned that in some small way I inspired them to get moving.  This is one of my goals for Fit Femmes.  I am not an expert and hold no degrees or certification in the fitness industry.  But if I can do it, SO CAN YOU!


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